The Moslems Are Coming


The Moslems are Coming, published by HarperCollins India in 2012 is an adaptation of Zuma’s Bastard - Azad Essa’s first book published by Two Dogs Books in South Africa in 2010. The Moslems are Coming is revised, updated and set to confidently take the piss into South Asia.

Azad is a journalist with a wicked sense of humour. His take on world politics is engaging and insightful. The Moslems Are Coming tracks a rapidly changing world, tackles race and religion head-on, gives fresh insight into the Israel-Palestine conflict, casts new light on old stereotypes, vents the frustrations and fears of the next generation – and ultimately offers us hope for the future. The Moslems may be coming – but it’s no reason to despair.

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“Sharp and witty, this is a book through which the reader travels the world with the author while having a bird’s eye view on world politics. Thoroughly enjoyable, this book is not only a must-read but is an essential element on the reader’s rack.” Tanya Ghosh for CNN IBN Live

“compelling, personal and scathing…” Mohsin Siddiqui for Tehelka

“Azad Essa, a Bollywood-soaked, Indian-battered, black South African-tinged, accidental academic and incidental journalist who has seen India and Kashmir, India better, in Kashmir, Pakistan, the so- called Middle East and Europe leaves no holy cows untainted … nay he even imagines them as beefburgers. The taunting is fast and furious and is bound to irritate many men and a few women in power. Despite all that, some of the best caricatures are of himself drawn as a comical cartoon in a baffling world of contradictions.” – Ari Sitas

“Azad Essa sets out to ‘cut through the fat, spill some gut and make people queasy’, and he does that with the furious intensity of a surgeon on the battlefield. But his brutality with his compatriots, South Africans of all colours, and the fact that he survives to tell his tales, tells us that his countrymen can take a punch in the stomach. Irreverance and wicked humour ricochet at high speed through this collection, like a game of squash played with a golf ball. It’s when he turns to his Indian roots, though, that he most clearly reveals his clear-eyed politics and his compassionate understanding of what it means to be an Indian, and a Muslim in the New South Africa” - Sanjay Kak

“Azad writes with great verve and wit, but behind all the humour and lightness of touch is a deeply affecting and persuasive critique of the world we inhabit. His piece on the burqa is the best writing on the ‘Muslim Veil’ I have read in a long time.” - Miza Waheed

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