The Big Issue reviews Zuma’s Bastard

The provocatively titled Zuma’s Bastard is   of the best (adapted) blogs from young journalist and columnist Azad Essa’  provocative Accidental  , which earned him the Best Political   at the 2009 SA Blog Awards.Essa skilfully wields the tools of satire and parody to expose the idiosyncrasies   of society, both in South Africa and elsewhere. As one   Africa’s “born-free” generation, Essa exercises that  . He rides roughshod over political correctness and   a disarmingly incisive honesty on every topic affecting  , from race (The blacks have f***ed it up, haven’t they?)   (I wasn’t born to scream Islamophobia), politics (The JZ  ), culture (Slip on those heels and grow a penis) and even   (Let’s jerk off to climate change).That’s not to say Essa’s work is brash or crude; much of it is  thoughtful. He’s also mastered the art of poking fun at  himself simultaneously, adding a good dollop of humour to   may have been a very taxing collection.If Essa represents the voice of the new, politically aware   astute youth of South Africa, then the future looks very bright indeed. — Melany Bendix

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