Zuma’s Bastard stirring up Schabir Shaik

I didn’t recognise him at first. I can’t say he looked thinner, or healthier.  I had never seen him before, not in real life at least. And while newspaper clippings are my only reference, those eyes are hard to forget. Schabir Shaik, flanked by his four year old son walks hurriedly past my table at the pre-launch signing of my first book “Zuma’s Bastard” at Gateway’s Exclusive Books on Saturday. I am in mid-sentence with another would-be customer when Shaik, obviously enticed by the curious bold yellow font screaming “Zuma’s Bastard” and an illustration of a man with an M16 with a USB as the guns’ mouth on the promotional posters around the store’s entrance, stops in his tracks, turns and approaches the table. He picks up a book.

“What’s this about?”, he says to me, fondling the cover curiously. “It plays with Zuma’s infidelities to tell a story of an illegitimate child of the democracy,trying to make sense of…” “Yes, maybe I should have just let the Zulus kill the Indians and the whites, back then,” he interrupts my answer, putting the book down onto the table, with clear annoyance. “It seems I wasted my time going to jail and negotiating – and just allowed them to get rid of all…”

“Look”, I reply, trying to manage a smile in an attempt to feign control over a discussion, which I understood from his unabashed sarcasm could easily veer out of control, “The book is not anti-Zuma…its a take on South African society, and it goes after everyone, it even goes after Indian community’s hypocrisy and racism, even local Muslims-”

“And you know this Ferial Haffajee,” he continues smugly, pointing to the ‘Foreword by Ferial Haffejee’ on the book’s cover, “She knows nothing about politics”. “But okay,” he turns, a faint smile playing at his lips, “I will come get a copy..and keep on being critical”. He walks off, his little boy in tow and from across the railings, I watch him amble into The Body Shop. He doesn’t return.


This was published by City Press in November 2010.

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  1. Nompilo Mkhize
    November 1, 2010

    wow! getting responses from the Top dawgs already, this is going to be fun, lol….

  2. Aadila Sabat
    November 1, 2010

    He is truly a bastard….

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