Shape without drape: Muslim fashion du jour

Tens of thousands of Muslims marched through the streets of Paris yesterday to bid farewell to the burqa that is due to make its way out of French society, just in time for Summer 2010. Demonstrators cried, sang victory songs and waved an array of screaming banners: from the eccentric “Free at last” and “Thank you Sarkozy” to the more obscure ones like “Mum, I’m on TV” and “Kill the boer”.

It was a scene of extraordinary festivities as Muslim women from all over France, and Belgium united in a cacophony of naughty noor. Voluntarily dressed in this season’s uniform of movement constricting skinny jeans, slinky T-shirts proudly bearing “Adieu à la burqa” across well-proportioned chests and boldly accessorised with pink hijabs and yellow pumps, thousands of women completed the look with this season’s must have mahrams. Fashion insiders profess it to be the biggest movement since the French Revolution.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité the crowd chanted.

“We are here to demonstrate that while the burqa might be out, pumps are still in,” screamed CEO of Fashion Paris Simin Leveque over the loudspeaker to the boisterous crowd.Read the full post and all the comments on Thought Leader.

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