Is Malema just a pinker Floyd?

Zimbabwean journalists, now illegal workers living in Jozi’s mines, have discovered a secret dossier that showcases one Julius Malema suffering from clinical depression. The dossier, found in the abandoned mines of Diepklip bordering the dry Mid-rand suburb of Kraakfontein (opposite the KFC) is a collection of transcribed counselling sessions between Malema, an unnamed psychiatrist, only known as “Doctor” and presumably three executive members of the ANC.

The dossier is made up of three sections, “Report A: JM Matrix”; “Report B: JM Reloaded” and “Report C: JM Counter-revolution”, pinpoints key attempts to steer Malema into heading the ANC leadership from 2014.

More than anything else, it is an exploration of the difficulties faced by the ANC in rearing their latest protégé.

Read the full article and all the comments on Thought Leader.

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